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you take the breath right out of me. . .
lost in love is what i feel 
23rd-Sep-2007 11:37 am
when im with him.
corey nicholas ryder.

if i were to meet him for the first time my first impression would be that he is pretty rough around the edges.
he's always talking (& doing) about farting and pooping
he's such a hick
his views on race and religion are complete opposite of mine

but what everyone else doesnt see is:
deep down; behind closed doors, he has a soft side

i really didnt know what to expect relationship wise after i lost bill. i dont even think i was really looking. corey just kinda feel into my life. thanks to my mom =]

and he has really been such a blessing to have in my life. when we did start dating i was worried that the whole situation with bill was going to make him feel uncomfortable. and there were a few times that i wasnt going to hang out with him or would try to go home when we were because i was just emotional or having a bad day about the whole thing.

it was those times that i could see that he really cared. he would comfort me and encourage me to talk to him about it. something i would never have expected him to do.

you know a few months after bill died, i went to see a psychic that we had gone to a few months before he passed. when i went to her she told me i would meet a guy and she described him. she said that he would have moles on his face but they would look good on him. a bit after i met corey, right after he shaved once i noticed 3 moles on the right side of his chin. i was dumbfounded. its been some time since i have listened to the tape but she said queit a few things that fit him.

i truly believe that corey is the one the psychic was talking about and not a day goes by that i ever doubt his love for me or that he wants to be with me. and not a day goes by that he doesnt prove it to me as well.

all n all i guess my point is that im so grateful to have found him, we really are made for eachother, and i love him with all my heart.

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